Lawrence "Larry" Cooks

Senior Field Specialist

Larry has over 30 years experience that includes work as a communications technician, a journeyman laborer specializing in demolition, concrete coring, and shoring & trenching, and labor compliance program field investigator. Larry has worked in labor compliance since 1996.

Reginald "Reggie" Cosey

Field Interviewer

Reggie has ten years construction experience as a demolition laborer and has worked with SysTech since 2004.

Bambille Ayala

Field Specialist

Ms. Ayala is Spanish-English bilingual and has three years U.S. Army experience in supply chain management and three years experience in transportation logistics and site security. Ms. Ayala joined SysTech in early 2008.

Ty Chim

Administrative Analyst

Ms. Chim is English-Khmer-Thai-Mandarin-Vietnamese-Laotian multilingual and has worked with SysTech since 2005. Ms. Chim performs paralegal research functions with SysTech.